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Liu Nai Hui & Jenny Zhao – 2012 US Open Women’s Doubles Champions

 Jenny Zhao (L) &  Dandan (R) 2012 US Open Women’s Doubles Champions

Liu Nai Hui – 2011 US Open Women’s Singles Champion

Dandan holding Championship Cup, US Open 2011

2011年美国乒乓球国际公开赛女子单打冠军刘乃滙,乃当今世上唯一秉持 “直板正胶两面攻”打法的优秀运动员。其独特的战略战术,揉合了东西方哲学思想的底蕴,升华了千锤百炼的直板乒乓球技术。在亚洲,欧洲,美国,刘乃滙那精湛的“两面攻” 乒乓球造诣,令对手自叹弗如、使观者赏心悦目。庄则栋、蔡振华等乒乓球前辈巨匠们,也都曾异口同声地称赞刘乃滙在世界乒乓球球坛上的清新俊逸与迥然独秀。



– Dandan

Michelle Luo – 2012 AAU Junior Olympics U16 Champion

Congratulations to one of Dandan’s students Michelle Luo for her recent success at the 2012 AAU Junior Olympic Games:

  • U16 Girls Singles – 1st place
  • U18 Girls Doubles – 3rd place
  • U18 Girls Team – 2nd place

Mendy Wang – Undefeated Baltimore NA Teams 2012

Mendy Wang went undefeated 19-0 at the 2012 NA Teams event in Baltimore, Maryland, winning against higher rated players in ten of these matches at the competition.


1st Place – Sherry Lu in her First Tournament










Congratulations to our student Sherry Lu who won 1st place in three events at her first tournament: Under 1300, Under 1400, and Under 14. She is currently training under coach Liu Nai Hui.

Message from Liu Nai Hui

Liu Nai Hui currently possesses a two-winged attack style unique from all existing forms of penhold play throughout the world. Following her recent success at the US Open 2011, Nai Hui wishes to see her style grow, and is searching for promising students to become successors to her technique and train them to compete on the international stage. She hopes that all those who enjoy table tennis not only join to play for fitness exercise, but also experience the true art of table tennis.

Liu Nai Hui is currently teaching at Topspin Table Tennis Club.

One-on-one coaching lessons are almost full already so if you’re looking to learn from a top ranked table tennis player, make your reservation now!

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